Digital advertising

We offer a full digital advertising stack with a unique data-driven approach:

Social advertising

Nowadays everyone is connected on social networks. Raise the hand if you did not connect on Facebook yesterday.. Social platforms became in just a few years a perfect place for advertisers to push their promotional messages.

Social advertising helps businesses find new potential clients by using users’ own shared information to identify interest. It proactively targets relevant users with innovative and engaging ad formats.

Search Engine Advertising (SEA)

Over the past few years search engines have become a life companion to many people. Since a few years Search Advertising has consequently become a must-have for all advertisers. It is now a cornerstone of every digital advertising strategy.

Video advertising

Online video has become a key channel for consuming content. Video ads are one of the fastest-growing ad mediums, far outpacing growth in spending on television and other digital formats. It provides a level of visual and narrative richness that nearly equals television, while offering all the advantages of digital, including advanced targeting, tracking, and increasingly, automated buying of video ad units.

We manage video campaigns on YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and many other platforms promoting content via skippable, non-skippable or lightbox ad formats. Video ads represent an efficient way for our clients to push their branding or promotional messages to specific audiences.